Chip Ecosystem Apprenticeships Help Close The Talent Gap

Competency-based apprenticeship programs are gaining wider acceptance across the chip industry as companies and governments look for new ways to address talent shortages, and as workers look for new skills that can span multiple industry sectors and industries. Funded in part by the CHIPS Act in the U.S. the European Chips Act, and various other nation-specific and regional programs, apprent... » read more

Chip Industry Week In Review

By Jesse Allen, Karen Heyman, and Liz Allan AMD took the covers off new AI accelerators for training and inferencing of large language model and high-performance computing workloads. In its announcement, AMD focused heavily on performance leadership in the commercial AI processor space through a combination of architectural changes, better software efficiency, along with some improvements in... » read more

Manufacturing Bits: May 6

Litho beam startup A startup has developed a new beam technology for advanced lithography applications. The company, called Digibeam, has demonstrated the ability to shoot a particle beam through a slow wave RF structure to create a train of compressed beam packets for high-throughput lithography. “Synchronized with high-speed deflection, the core technology enables shot rates well into t... » read more