The Week In Review: System-Level Design

The big buzz at this year’s CES is around wearable computing, according to Gartner, and the big drivers will be fitness and digital health. The firm believes wearable electronics will be peripherals to smartphones, which will provide connectivity to store and analyze biodata. Hewlett-Packard plans to cut 34,000 employees by the end of this year, or roughly 11% of its workforce, according t... » read more

Intel Vs. Everyone Else

A report from ABI Research is starting to gain some attention. For cynics, the question of why now seems perfectly reasonable, considering the report was released early last month and promptly fell well under the semiconductor industry’s radar. But cynicism aside, it’s still interesting to compare specs for chips using ARM’s Cortex-A15, A9 and Qualcomm’s ARM-based Krait. The bottom ... » read more

Foundry Models In Transition

By Jeff Chappell There may have been a time when AMD founder Jerry Sanders famous quote: "real men (i.e., real companies) have their own fabs” rang true, but in today's business climate it seems quaint at best. Fabless or fab-lite business models are more popular than ever today, while some IDMs have turned back the clock, so to speak, looking to improve capacity utilization and revenues ... » read more