Light-Emitting V-Pits: An Alternative Approach toward Luminescent Indium-Rich InGaN Quantum Dots

Abstract: "Realization of fully solid-state white light emitting devices requires high efficiency blue, green, and red emitters. However, challenges remain in boosting the low quantum efficiency of long wavelength group-III-nitride light emitters through conventional quantum well growth. Here, we demonstrate a new direct metal–organic chemical vapor deposition approach to grow In-rich InGa... » read more

Plasma processing for advanced microelectronics beyond CMOS

N. Marchack, L. Buzi, D. B. Farmer, H. Miyazoe, J. M. Papalia, H. Yan, G. Totir, and S. U. Engelmann , "Plasma processing for advanced microelectronics beyond CMOS", Journal of Applied Physics 130, 080901 (2021) ABSTRACT "The scientific study of plasma discharges and their material interactions has been crucial to the development of semiconductor process en... » read more