Your Path To Robust And Reliable In-Vehicle Networking

Automotive networking technology is evolving fast, driven by a number of key trends. With a continuously increasing quantity of cars on the road and rising fuel costs, demand for energy efficiency is steadily growing. Worldwide legislation is establishing ever-stricter caps on CO2 emissions. The spotlight is also on functional safety. With the ISO 26262 automotive standard increasingly moving i... » read more

Hardware-Based Cybersecurity For Software-Defined Vehicles

As vehicle technology advances, so does the complexity of the electrical/electronic systems within these smart vehicles. A software-defined vehicle (SDV) relies on centralized compute and an advanced software stack to control most of its functionality, from engine performance to infotainment systems. SDVs are becoming more important as automakers look to improve vehicle performance, reduce emis... » read more

RF/Microwave Technology Driving The Connected Car

In-car networks and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), made possible through wireless sensors, driver-assist radar, vehicle communications, and related electronics, present many design challenges to engineers. Simulation software enables design teams to effectively manage the complex design and integration challenges associated with developing these high-speed and RF-enabled networks. T... » read more