Glitched On Earth By Humans

The Black Hat conference always brings up interesting and current research within the device security industry. Lennert Wouters of COSIC studied the security of the Starlink User Terminal. After some PCB-level reverse engineering, he found a serial port and observed various boot loaders, U-boot, and Linux running on the device. However, there was no obvious way to gain further access. The... » read more

Executive Insight: Wally Rhines

[getperson id="11694" p_name="Wally Rhines"], chairman and CEO of [getentity id="22017" e_name="Mentor Graphics"], sat down with Semiconductor Engineering to talk about changes in automotive electronics, IoT security issues, and how this affects semiconductor design. What follows are excerpts of that conversation. SE: In automotive, one of the big changes is that we are no longer dealing wit... » read more

OSI’s Model For Security

In just six years, according to Cisco Systems, there will be 50 billion devices interconnected within the IoT universe. IDC puts that number at a whopping 212 billion. Either way, it really doesn't matter. The fact is that the vast majority will be talking to each other, autonomously, and though the cloud – a nightmare management scenario, no matter how one spins it. The implications of th... » read more