A Design And Benchmarking Study Of CAM At 7nm In The Context Of Similarity Search Applications (Georgia Tech)

A technical paper titled “Cross-layer Modeling and Design of Content Addressable Memories in Advanced Technology Nodes for Similarity Search” was published by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Abstract: "In this paper we present a comprehensive design and benchmarking study of Content Addressable Memory (CAM) at the 7nm technology node in the context of similarity search... » read more

Differentiable Analog Nonvolatile CAM (dCAM) Using Memristors

Technical paper titled "Differentiable Content Addressable Memory with Memristors" from researchers at Hewlett Packard Labs and University of Hong Kong. Abstract "Memristors, Flash, and related nonvolatile analog device technologies offer in-memory computing structures operating in the analog domain, such as accelerating linear matrix operations in array structures. These take advantage of ... » read more