Week 47: The Yin And Yang of DAC

In one of my early blog posts I explained that DAC is owned by three non-profit societies: ACM, IEEE/CEDA and EDAC. While the executive committee right now is working on a successful 52nd DAC, planning for future events has already started. Future locations are usually booked years in advance as most of convention center and hotel contracts are signed at least 18 months out. The financial liabi... » read more

Who Owns DAC?

In June I was chatting with an editor unfamiliar with DAC and he was wondering who owns the conference. It’s a fair question and I recall thinking I’d blog about it as part of my effort to boost understanding of DAC. After all, my goal is to let you glimpse behind the curtain and that means touching on the prosaic though very important issue of ownership. First, the basics. DAC is owne... » read more