A Full-GaN Solution For High Power Density Chargers And Adapters

Due to continuous demand for high power density, USB-C fast chargers’ switching frequencies need to be increased to reduce the size of the transformers and the filter components. Emerging technologies based on Wide Band Gap (WBG) semiconductor materials enable new approaches to increase power density. At high switching frequencies, GaN HEMTs for synchronous rectifier (SR) switches have the ad... » read more

Apple’s First GaN Charger

It has been heavily rumored and anticipated for a few years now, but we have finally seen Apple make the switch to using gallium nitride (GaN) as the power transistor in one of their charging products: the 140 W charger for the new 16-inch MacBook Pro. As has been the case with many innovations in the past, Apple may not be the first, but when they do adopt a technology people take notice! A... » read more