Chip Industry Needs More Trust, Not Zero Trust

CISOs from Intel, TSMC, ASML, Applied Materials, and Lam Research unanimously called for the semiconductor industry to pull together to share information and develop cybersecurity protocols as a community at the Securing the Future for Semiconductor Manufacturing forum at SEMICON West. Chief information security officers (CISO) detailed their company’s method for dealing with cybersecurity... » read more

CISO’s Guide To Sensitive Data Protection

Emerging data protection and privacy laws are causing organizations to scramble to implement strategies that address regulatory compliance and data security governance. And the SolarWinds software supply chain attack, in which attackers inserted a malicious back door into its network software release that later led to sensitive data exposure, further underscores the need to secure the DevSecOps... » read more

CISO Research Identifies 4 Distinct Approaches To The Role

Every chief information security officer (CISO) is unique. They each have varying modes of operation that are influenced by long and distinguished careers. To understand CISO strategies and approaches, we decided to conduct a study. We gathered data in a series of extended in-person interviews with 25 CISOs with the goal of describing how a CISO’s work is organized and executed. To read mo... » read more