The Week In Review: Design/IoT

Tools Cadence unveiled Joules, its new RTL power analysis solution. The tool performs design synthesis using a new integrated prototype mode of Cadence's Genus Synthesis product, including physically aware clock tree and datapath buffering, and enabling accurate RTL power estimation. IP Synopsys and ASMedia completed a successful interoperability demonstration of Synopsys' USB 3.1 Devi... » read more

Consolidation And Innovation

Consolidation is happening across the semiconductor industry, in ways that are very apparent and others that aren't so obvious. On the chipmaker side, NXP's acquisition of Freescale, Avago's acquisition of Broadcom and LSI, and Intel's acquisition of Altera are so big that they require approval by multiple governments. Less obvious are moves such as Apple's build out of its processor team, a... » read more

New Directions For EDA

DAC is over and everyone is asking – what was the theme this year? It is sometimes difficult to make such a determination because quite often the theme has been there for some time, but suddenly appears more obvious than it did in the past. Some years it is a new product or class of products. The theme also can remain hidden, or disguised. As an example, people have been talking about the ... » read more

The Week In Review: Design/IoT

Mergers & Acquisitions Synopsys' list of security acquisitions grew with a definitive agreement to buy certain assets of Quotium, including the interactive application security testing product Seeker and its R&D team. The acquisition builds on static analysis technology from Coverity and Codenomicon's fuzz testing and software vulnerability assessment tools. Terms of the deal have no... » read more

M&A Season Now Officially Open

A year ago many people were making jokes quite openly about the IoT. It wasn't uncommon to hear quips about the Internet of Nothing, the Internet of Disconnected Things, the Internet of Cars, or some other variant that questioned just how connected everything would become. The tenor of the conversation has changed significantly in the past year. The jokes are fewer, the stakes are higher. An... » read more

Tortuga Logic: Hardware Security

For the Internet of Things to really get rolling, it has to be bulletproof. And given the number of very high-profile security breaches in recent months, it has a long way to go before consumers or businesses will feel comfortable using any of a new wave of smart devices That concern has prompted a wave of acquisitions from companies such as Intel (McAffee), Cadence (Jasper Design Automation... » read more

Security Progress In Some Places, Not Others

Security is big business, and it's increasingly part of business done between big businesses in the semiconductor market. The deal that was announced this week between NXP and Qualcomm, adding a secure NFC module to the Snapdragon chip, is certainly good business. But what's really interesting about this arrangement is that it was done between two very prominent companies, which saw a potent... » read more

The Week In Review: Design/IoT

Mergers & Acquisitions Synopsys continued expansion into the software security market with the acquisition of Codenomicon. The Finnish company was in the headlines this time last year when it discovered the Heartbleed bug during product testing. Tools Mentor Graphics released Calibre xACT, a parasitic extraction platform which automatically optimizes extraction techniques based on ... » read more