Expanding Silicon Lifecycle Management To Real-Time System Performance Optimization

Semiconductor development is currently in one of its periodic crises, with many factors combining to require dramatically new technologies and methodologies. Chips continue to grow ever larger and more complex, with 3D IC devices adding another layer of challenges. Huge data centers, autonomous vehicles, and algorithms using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) drive a relentl... » read more

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

Business Synopsys acquired Concertio, a provider of AI-powered performance optimization software. The acquisition will bolster Synopsys' silicon lifecycle management platform SiliconMAX SLM with the addition of Concertio's autonomous software agent that, when installed on the target system, continuously monitors the interactions between operating applications and the underlying system enviro... » read more

Startup Funding: April 2020

It was another strong month for automotive startups, with one autonomous trucking company in China drawing a massive $100M investment. Another hot area was optimization of machine learning deployments, including one new company launch. Quantum computing, etch equipment, and mmWave feature in this month's look at twenty-two startups that collectively raised $375M. Semiconductors & design ... » read more