State-Space Model Of An Electro-Mechanical-Acoustic Contactless Energy Transfer System Based On Multiphysics Networks

Contactless energy transfer systems are mainly divided into acoustic, inductive, capacitive and optical, in which main applications are related to biomedical, wireless chargers and sensors in metal enclosures. When solids are used as transfer media, ultrasound transducers based on piezoelectricity can be used for through-wall power transfer, which can be named as electro-mechanical-acoustic con... » read more

Double Trouble

By Joon Knapen I read a story recently about a BBC journalist in Africa who was the victim of an imposter that had taken to posing as him on local radio stations. The unsuspecting radio hosts accommodated him because they were unaware of what the real Mohaman Babalala looked like and claimed his accent sounded similar. While the journalist took this incident in good humor it reminds us abou... » read more