CAM-Based CMOS Implementation Of Reference Frames For Neuromorphic Processors (Carnegie Mellon U.)

A technical paper titled “NeRTCAM: CAM-Based CMOS Implementation of Reference Frames for Neuromorphic Processors” was published by researchers at Carnegie Mellon University. Abstract: "Neuromorphic architectures mimicking biological neural networks have been proposed as a much more efficient alternative to conventional von Neumann architectures for the exploding compute demands of AI work... » read more

A Design And Benchmarking Study Of CAM At 7nm In The Context Of Similarity Search Applications (Georgia Tech)

A technical paper titled “Cross-layer Modeling and Design of Content Addressable Memories in Advanced Technology Nodes for Similarity Search” was published by researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Abstract: "In this paper we present a comprehensive design and benchmarking study of Content Addressable Memory (CAM) at the 7nm technology node in the context of similarity search... » read more

Scalable And Compact Multi-Bit CAM Designs Using FeFETs

A technical paper titled “SEE-MCAM: Scalable Multi-bit FeFET Content Addressable Memories for Energy Efficient Associative Search” was published by researchers at Zhejiang University, China, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of California Irvine, Rochester Institute of Technology, University of Notre Dame, and Laboratory of Collaborative Sensing and Autonomous Unmanned Systems of ... » read more

Feasibility of Using Domain Wall-Magnetic Tunnel Junction for Magnetic Analog Addressable Memories

A new technical paper titled "Domain Wall-Magnetic Tunnel Junction Analog Content Addressable Memory Using Current and Projected Data" was published by researchers at UT Austin and Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT). Abstract "With the rise in in-memory computing architectures to reduce the compute-memory bottleneck, a new bottleneck is present between analog and digital conver... » read more