High-throughput LHSI Reflectometry Technique For ICU and IWU Measurements of Semiconductor Devices

New technical paper titled "Toward realization of high-throughput hyperspectral imaging technique for semiconductor device metrology," from researchers at Samsung Electronics Co. Abstract "Background: High-throughput three-dimensional metrology techniques for monitoring in-wafer uniformity (IWU) and in-cell uniformity (ICU) are critical for enhancing the yield of modern semiconductor manu... » read more

Pushing the limits of EUV mask repair: addressing sub-10 nm defects with the next generation e-beam-based mask repair tool

Abstract "Mask repair is an essential step in the manufacturing process of extreme ultraviolet (EUV) masks. Its key challenge is to continuously improve resolution and control to enable the repair of the ever-shrinking feature sizes on mask along the EUV roadmap. The state-of-the-art mask repair method is gas-assisted electron-beam (e-beam) lithography also referred to as focused electron-beam... » read more