Ramping Up IC Predictive Maintenance

The chip industry is starting to add technology that can predict impending failures early enough to stave off serious problems, both in manufacturing and in the field. Engineers increasingly are employing in-circuit monitors embedded in SoC designs to catch device failures earlier in the production flow. But for ICs in the field, data tracing from design to application use only recently has ... » read more

Finding Frameworks For End-To-End Analytics

End-to-end analytics can improve yield and ROI on tool purchases, but reaping those benefits will require common data formats, die traceability, an appropriate level of data granularity — and a determination of who owns what data. New standards, guidelines, and consortium efforts are being developed to remove these barriers to data sharing for analytics purposes. But the amount of work req... » read more

Who Owns In-Chip Monitoring Data?

In-chip monitors provide unprecedented visibility into the inner workings of complex integrated circuits for everything from process control to fine binning, preventive system maintenance, and failure analysis. But there may be many consumers of different slices of the data at very different phases of the chip lifecycle, raising questions about who controls and owns all of that data. The ans... » read more