Thermal Simulation Of DSMBGA And Coupled Thermal-Mechanical Simulation Of Large Body HDFO

Electronic packaging has continued to become more complex with higher device count, higher power densities and Heterogeneous Integration (HI) becoming more common. In the mobile space, systems that were once separate components on a printed circuit board (PCB) have now been relocated along with all their associated passive devices and interconnects into single System in Package (SiP) style suba... » read more

Empowering RF Front End Cellular Innovations With DSMBGA

With the introduction of 5G, cellular frequency bands have increased considerably, requiring innovative solutions for the packaging of RF front-end modules for smartphones and other 5G-enabled devices. Double-sided, molded ball grid array (DSMBGA) is a prime example of such solutions. “With our DSMBGA platform, we’ve established a preferred advanced packaging solution for this domain,”... » read more