Making Outdoor Lighting More Efficient, Safe, and Affordable With Open-Standard Control Networking Technology

By Echelon (Adesto) Modern commercial outdoor lighting systems are being asked to do more than ever before. In addition to fulfilling their primary purpose of casting light onto dark roadways, parking areas, and public spaces, outdoor lighting systems are increasingly evaluated for how well they reduce energy consumption, improve safety for both pedestrians and drivers, and serve as the founda... » read more

Week In Review: Manufacturing, Test

Chipmakers and OEMs Fujitsu Semiconductor and United Microelectronics Corp. (UMC) announced that UMC will acquire all of the shares of Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited (MIFS), a 300mm wafer foundry joint venture between both companies. In addition to the 15.9% of MIFS shares currently owned by UMC, Fujitsu Semiconductor will transfer the remaining 84.1% of its shares in MIFS to UMC, making MI... » read more

How To Cut Verification Costs For IoT

Cost is one of the main factors limiting proliferation of the [getkc id="76" comment="Internet of Things"] (IoT), and when looking at the design and [getkc id="10" kc_name="Verification"] methodologies in place today, verification is a prime candidate for closer inspection. For today’s complex [getkc id="81" kc_name="SoCs"], the cost of verification has been rising faster than design and it h... » read more

Limiters To The Internet Of Things

“Specialization is for insects.” Robert A. Heinlein, Time Enough for Love In many respects, the [getkc id="76" kc_name="Internet of Things"] (IoT) is already here. But because most of it is not directed at the consumer space, it seamlessly blends into the environment, unnoticed by everyone except for those who are reaping the benefits of it. When we talk about the IoT, most people concentr... » read more

IoT Brings Low Power To Forefront

Low power has become a primary design consideration over the past decade, driven by consumer portable devices packing in greater amounts of processing power and sophisticated communications, while at the same time providing extended battery life even though developments in battery technology have advanced little in the same timeframe. But the [getkc id="76" comment="Internet of Things"] (IoT) w... » read more

Home Sweet (Power-Hogging) Home?

By Brian Fuller Numbers, history and technology are on a collision course inside your home. Consider the numbers: The big picture points to an even bigger opportunity for smart system design that can reduce power in and out of the chip. Since 1982, growth in peak demand for electricity has exceeded transmission growth by almost 25% every year. Yet spending on research and development �... » read more