EDA, IP Revenue Way Up

EDA and semiconductor IP sales grew 17.5% to $3.75 billion in Q2, the highest growth in more than a decade, fueled by more complex designs and the need for advanced design and verification tools. Demand for nearly every segment tracked in SEMI's Electronic Design Market Data (EDMD) report was up, including services, which grew 23.2% in Q2 — the most recent statistics available in. That cou... » read more

EDA Strong, M&A Activity Up

The EDA industry is faring well in an era of COVID-19 and global uncertainty, and the numbers prove it. But the question being asked privately by a number of executives across the industry is whether growth will hold up beyond the first quarter of next year if a vaccine or treatment isn't ready. There are a lot of financial models based upon a variety of developments, and so far there is lit... » read more

EDA Revenue Up 6.6% For Q2

Highlighted by double digit growth in semiconductor IP and the Asia/Pacific region, EDA industry revenue increased 6.6% for Q2 2019 to $2,472.1 million, compared to $2,318.5 million in Q2 2018, according to the ESD Alliance Market Statistics Service. The four-quarters moving average, which compares the most recent four quarters to the prior four quarters, increased by 6%, which represented a... » read more