Addressing The Challenge Of Metallization In Highly Integrated (3D) Stretchable Electronics

A technical paper titled “Scalable electrodeposition of liquid metal from an acetonitrile-based electrolyte for highly-integrated stretchable electronics” was published by researchers at KU Leuven. Abstract: "For the advancement of highly-integrated stretchable electronics, the development of scalable sub-micrometer conductor patterning is required. Eutectic gallium indium EGaIn is an att... » read more

Fan-Out Wafer-Level Packaging And Copper Electrodeposition

By Steven T. Mayer, Bryan Buckalew, and Kari Thorkelsson As integrated circuit designers bring more sophisticated chip functionality into smaller spaces, heterogeneous integration, including 3D stacking of devices, becomes an increasingly useful and cost-effective way of mixing and connecting various functional technologies. One of the heterogeneous integration platforms gaining increased ac... » read more