Flexible Devices Drive New IoT Apps

Printed and flexible electronics are becoming almost synonymous with many emerging applications in the IoT, and as the technologies progress so do the markets that rely on those technologies. Flexible [getkc id="187" kc_name="sensors"] factor into a number of [getkc id="76" kc_name="IoT"] use cases such as agriculture, health care, and structural health monitoring. Other types of flexible de... » read more

Living On The Edge

Looking around the globe at the big foundries these days, many of them are in danger zones—geopolitical, seismological, or areas that have been the incubators for public health disasters in recent years. This is one of the risks of a global supply chain, and it’s one that should cause ulcers for any supply chain management executive. South Korea’s Samsung is within a short missile laun... » read more

Platforms, Standards, Methodologies Conquer Design Challenges

We in the electronics design world always have spent a lot of time wringing our hands (will we ever get to design below 1 micron??) And while the problems are not imagined—they’re often soberingly real—we tend to plow through them, or, when necessary around them. Today, amid increasing complexity and risk, we’re leveraging platforms, standards and new methodologies to slay these d... » read more

Experts at the Table: Stacking the Deck

By Ann Steffora Mutschler System-Level Design sat down to discuss challenges to 3D-IC adoption with Samta Bansal, product marketing for applied silicon realization in strategy and market development at Cadence; Carey Robertson, product marketing director at Mentor Graphics; Karthik Chandrasekar, member of technical staff in IC Design at Altera; and Herb Reiter, president of EDA2ASIC Consulting... » read more