Verifying Side-Channel Security Pre-Silicon

As security grows in importance, side-channel attacks pose a unique challenge because they rely on physical phenomena that aren’t always modeled for the design verification process. While everything can be hacked, the goal is to make it so difficult that an attacker concludes it isn't worth the effort. For side-channel attacks, the pre-silicon design is the best place to address any known ... » read more

FortifyIQ: Hardware Security Verification

What’s the best way to protect against side-channel attacks? FortifyIQ believes the answer lies at least partly in the verification process. Side channel and fault-injection attacks have been garnering more attention lately as hackers continue to branch out from software to a combination of software and hardware. This is especially worrying for safety-critical applications, such as automot... » read more

Industry Transforming In Ways Previously Unimaginable

Early in the year, everyone expected that the availability of COVID vaccines would signal the start of a return to normal, but that has certainly not been the case. Now the industry is taking a longer-term view about how to transform business, what is necessary for people to maintain their mental health, and how to create robust hybrid work environments for the future that do not discard the po... » read more

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

Valens Semiconductor began trading on the New York Stock Exchange as VLN after a merger with special-purpose acquisition company (SPAC) PTK Acquisition Corp. Valens offers high-speed connectivity chips for the audio-video and automotive markets, including its HDBaseT technology for connectivity between ultra-HD video sources and remote displays and its in-vehicle high-speed links. The transacti... » read more