Logic Locking at the RTL, Leveraging The Behavioral State Transition Coding For Obfuscation (University of Florida)

A new technical paper titled "ReTrustFSM: Toward RTL Hardware Obfuscation-A Hybrid FSM Approach" was published by researchers at University of Florida, Gainesville, FL. Abstract: "Hardware obfuscating is a proactive design-for-trust technique against IC supply chain threats, i.e., IP piracy and overproduction. Many studies have evaluated numerous techniques for obfuscation purposes. Neverth... » read more

Developing Robust Finite State Machines Code With Lint Tools

As design size and complexity grows, the design verification effort grows even more. It takes significant amount of time to thoroughly verify complex control logic of a design, which is the key and the most critical component of design functionality. One of the most common design patterns in the control logic design are finite state machines. They could be designed in different styles, state an... » read more