Tech Talk: Sensor Design

NXP's Wouter Sijm talks about sensor design in the IoT age, where engineers can go astray, and why the IoT is a more complex environment for sensors than previous devices. [youtube vid=7fqEatgvZnE] » read more

The Wild West Of Automotive

Automotive is considered one of the great new markets for EDA and IP. Electronic complexity is increasing rapidly, product update cycles are decreasing, and new standards mean that many of the old ways of doing development are no longer possible. Such change creates opportunity, along with a certain degreed of confusion. As the number of discrete systems increases, so do costs. Electronics c... » read more

The Road Ahead For 2014

Semiconductor Engineering asked several thought leaders in the industry about the market drivers that are affecting their product planning operations for 2014. While almost everyone sees mobile devices continuing to be the major driver during 2014, there are some emerging areas that may start to have a larger impact. This article takes a look at some of those and the impacts they could have on ... » read more