The Week in Review: IoT

Products/Services NXP Semiconductors is partnering with Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing business unit of Alibaba Group, to develop secure smart devices for edge computing. The companies will also work together on Internet of Things offerings. AliOS, the Alibaba IoT operating system, has been integrated with NXP’s application processors, microcontrollers, and Layerscape multicore processor... » read more

System Bits: May 5

Fight counterfeiting with fingerprint chips Given that no two human fingerprints are exactly alike, an MIT spinout uses random variations in silicon chips as authentication identifiers for consumer products. Silicon chips are similar as manufacturing processes cause microscopic variations in chips that are unpredictable, permanent, and effectively impossible to clone. MIT spinout Verayo ... » read more

Let The Mobile Games Begin

By Pallab Chatterjee Mobile devices today are optimized for low- to mid-bandwidth data transmission, which is sufficient for e-mail, batch downloads of applications and music, and playback of encoded/compressed streaming video. But in coming months they will add another feature—image capture and processing and advanced graphics processing. This adds a whole new wrinkle to mobile devices, ... » read more

Mobile Gaming: The Next Power-Saving Frontier

By Pallab Chatterjee Mobile and handheld gaming platforms are gaining lots of attention these days, and from a low-power engineering standpoint it poses a challenge that dwarfs any game played on the devices. Unlike mobile phones, these handheld platforms don’t have the luxury of trading off between multiple operating modes to extend battery life. Even worse, they have to perform at the ... » read more