Gate Drive Configurations For GaN Power Transistors

This whitepaper gives a compact overview of the recommended gate drive concepts for both GIT (gate injection transistor) and SGT (Schottky gate transistor) product families. A versatile standard drive (RC interface) can be easily adapted to both technologies. The document also provides basic gate drive dimensioning guidelines and some typical application examples. Find more information here. » read more

Gate Drive Circuit Without A Speed-Up Capacitor for a GaN Gate Injection Transistor

A technical paper titled "Gate Drive Circuit Suitable for a GaN Gate Injection Transistor" was published by researchers at Nagoya University. Abstract "A GaN gate injection transistor (GIT) has great potential as a power semiconductor device. However, a GaN GIT has a diode characteristic at the gate-source, and a corresponding gate drive circuit is thus required. Several studies in the lite... » read more