Adaptive Scheduling for Time-Triggered Network-on-Chip-Based Multi-Core Architecture Using Genetic Algorithm

Abstract "Adaptation in time-triggered systems can be motivated by energy efficiency, fault recovery, and changing environmental conditions. Adaptation in time-triggered systems is achieved by preserving temporal predictability through metascheduling techniques. Nevertheless, utilising existing metascheduling schemes for time-triggered network-on-chip architectures poses design time computatio... » read more

Making Analog Easier

By Clive "Max" Maxfield I'm a digital design engineer by trade. All of those wibbly-wobbly effects that are characteristic of the analog domain make me nervous, and if something makes me nervous I tend to look the other way and hope it will go away. But analog isn’t going anywhere. On the contrary, the increasing amounts of analog/mixed-signal (AMS) functionality that feature in today's Sy... » read more