More Design Rules Ahead

By Ed Sperling & Mark LaPedus For those companies that continue to push the limits of feature shrinkage, designs are about to become more difficult, far more expensive—and much more regulated. Two converging factors will force these changes. First, the limits of current 193nm immersion lithography mean companies now must double pattern at 20nm, and potentially quadruple pattern at 14n... » read more

Experts At The Table: Multipatterning

By Ed Sperling Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design sat down with Michael White, physical verification product line manager at Mentor Graphics; Luigi Capodieci, R&D fellow at GlobalFoundries; Lars Liebmann, IBM distinguished engineer; Rob Aitken, ARM fellow; Jean-Pierre Geronimi, CAD director at STMicroelectronics; and Kuang-Kuo Lin, director of foundry design enablement at Samsung Ele... » read more