LLMs For EDA, HW Design and Security

A new technical paper titled "Hardware Phi-1.5B: A Large Language Model Encodes Hardware Domain Specific Knowledge" was published by researchers at Kansas State University, University of Science and Technology of China, Michigan Technological University, Washington University in St. Louis and Silicon Assurance. Abstract "In the rapidly evolving semiconductor industry, where research, design... » read more

Hardware Platform For Evolving Robots

A technical paper titled “Practical hardware for evolvable robots” was published by researchers at University of York, Edinburgh Napier University, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, University of the West of England, and University of Sunderland. Abstract: "The evolutionary robotics field offers the possibility of autonomously generating robots that are adapted to desired tasks by iteratively... » read more

Issues and Opportunities in Using LLMs for Hardware Design

A technical paper titled "Chip-Chat: Challenges and Opportunities in Conversational Hardware Design" was published by researchers at NYU and University of New South Wales. Abstract "Modern hardware design starts with specifications provided in natural language. These are then translated by hardware engineers into appropriate Hardware Description Languages (HDLs) such as Verilog before syn... » read more

Using Sparseloop in Hardware Accelerator Design Flows (MIT)

A technical paper titled "Sparseloop: An Analytical Approach To Sparse Tensor Accelerator Modeling" was published by researchers at MIT and NVIDIA.  The paper won "Distinguished Artifact Award" at the MICRO 2022 conference. Find the technical paper here.  Published 2022.  Project website is here and github here. Abstract: "In recent years, many accelerators have been proposed to effici... » read more

Synthesizing Hardware From Software

The ability to automatically generate optimized hardware from software was one of the primary tenets of system-level design automation that was never fully achieved. The question now is whether that will ever happen, and whether it is just a matter of having the right technology or motivation to make it possible. While high-level synthesis (HLS) did come out of this work and has proven to be... » read more