Hardware Fuzzer Utilizing LLMs

A new technical paper titled "Beyond Random Inputs: A Novel ML-Based Hardware Fuzzing" was published by researchers at TU Darmstadt and Texas A&M University. Abstract "Modern computing systems heavily rely on hardware as the root of trust. However, their increasing complexity has given rise to security-critical vulnerabilities that cross-layer at-tacks can exploit. Traditional hardware ... » read more

Hardware Fuzzing With MAB Algorithms

A technical paper titled “MABFuzz: Multi-Armed Bandit Algorithms for Fuzzing Processors” was published by researchers at Texas A&M University and Technische Universitat Darmstadt. Abstract: "As the complexities of processors keep increasing, the task of effectively verifying their integrity and security becomes ever more daunting. The intricate web of instructions, microarchitectural ... » read more

Hardware Fuzzing (U. of Michigan, Google, Virginia Tech)

A technical paper titled "Fuzzing Hardware Like Software" was published by researchers at University of Michigan, Google and Virginia Tech. The paper was presented at the 2022 Usenix Security Symposium. Abstract: "Hardware flaws are permanent and potent: hardware cannot be patched once fabricated, and any flaws may undermine even formally verified software executing on top. Consequently, ve... » read more