The Automation Of AI

Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss the role that EDA has in automating artificial intelligence and machine learning with Doug Letcher, president and CEO of Metrics; Daniel Hansson, CEO of Verifyter; Harry Foster, chief scientist verification for Mentor, a Siemens Business; Larry Melling, product management director for Cadence; Manish Pandey, Synopsys fellow; and Raik Brinkmann, CEO ... » read more

IoT Creates New IP Requirements

With the rise of smart cities, cars and houses, an enhanced connectivity infrastructure bolstered by an increasingly connected culture, the Internet of Things (IoT) represents an exciting opportunity for semiconductor industry players. As such, market researchers at IDC expect the installed base of the Internet of Things will be approximately 212 billion "things" globally by the end of 2020 ... » read more

Bridging The Gap

We talk all the time about hardware/software co-design, co-verification, etc., but what is really interesting now is how vital the connection is between power awareness and system-level design. Yes, it sounds obvious, but so far this is an untapped market with ideas still being batted around. As discussed in Parts 1, 2 and 3 of my article series on energy and power, to achieve the best power... » read more

iPhone Has The Power Blues

Why do some apps on the iPhone seem to draw more on the battery than others? Is it a matter of power-aware software applications, or is it a hardware issue? Maybe it is a combination of both. I suspect it is due to the intricacies of hardware/software design and verification. I’ve been mulling this over while researching my two articles for this month’s issue of Low-Power Engineering... » read more