Will Little Guys Win IoT Race?

What we call the Internet of Things is actually a series of unrelated vertical markets, loosely tied together using various communications protocols to the Internet. Each has its own challenges, rate of growth and risk/reward formulas, which will be defined, redefined, and ultimately refined in ways we cannot see at this point. For the foreseeable future, though, it's unlikely that we will ... » read more

Tech Talk: USB Type-C

NXP's Ravi Shah explains how to design in the new USB standard, what to watch out for and why it's going to be so important for mobile and connected devices. [youtube vid=iPCwpaPy1pw] » read more

Cross-Market Security Issues

The real attractiveness of the Internet of Things is the ability to leap across communications barriers. Roll back just 15 years ago and carmakers offered special car phones as an option on high-end vehicles. Roll back 20 years ago and connectivity was so slow that you could hear your modem connecting with the modem on the other end. The widespread adoption of the cell phone, and the pervas... » read more