System-on-Chip Design In The Cloud: One Size Does Not Fit All

At an increasing pace, companies in the semiconductor ecosystem have started seriously considering the cloud for computing and storage. Some have migrated, and others are evaluating the cloud technology choices and are sizing the business impact and benefits to make the leap. Through key adoption reports, the cloud environment is proving to be beneficial for System-on-Chip (SoC) designers by pr... » read more

Considering The Power Of The Cloud For EDA

By Michael White, Siemens EDA, in technical collaboration with Peeyush Tugnawat, Google Cloud, and Philip Steinke, AMD At DAC 2022, Google Cloud, AMD, and Calibre Design Solutions presented an EDA in the cloud solution that enables companies to access virtually unlimited compute resources when and as needed to optimize their design and verification flows. If your company is considering addin... » read more

Design-Aware Data Management For Hybrid Cloud

Working from home is quickly becoming the norm. A recent survey by FlexJobs found that 70% of people would prefer a remote working environment over a traditional one. Working from home has become even more popular in the semiconductor design industry. Companies are now implementing design-aware data management for hybrid cloud to meet evolving design data management requirements. Why has workin... » read more

Challenges Of Using The Cloud For IC Design

The ‘cloud’ is so ubiquitous that perhaps even your grandmother has heard about it. There are advertisements on TV with various vendors touting their cloud offerings. The cloud is ideal for eCommerce and SaaS (Software as a Service) offerings, as the elasticity on demand provides a convenient way to scale up when demand is high and scale down when it is low. Yet the design community has ... » read more

Best Practices for Deploying ClioSoft SOS7 on AWS

Semiconductor integrated circuits (ICs) are at the center of a number of modern technological innovations. To keep up with the ever-increasing pace of innovation, IC design teams require robust, scalable design management (DM) solutions to enable seamless global collaboration and to increase productivity. This paper outlines the advantages of and best practices for deploying the ClioSoft SOS de... » read more

Designing In The Cloud

Amazon AWS was launched back in 2006. Web based services such as Netflix and Expedia were early adopters, and AWS has grown rapidly, bringing in competition from Google (GCP), Microsoft (Azure) and others. It has taken a while for the design community to embrace the ‘cloud’ as some of the needs and concerns of design teams are different.  Cloud vendors have recognized this untapped market ... » read more