The I3C Interface Can Help Improve Performance In Sensor Applications

The I3C interface (officially the “MIPI Alliance Improved Inter Integrated Circuit”) was initially developed by the MIPI Alliance to support sensor interconnect in mobile applications. The MIPI Alliance is a global alliance of electronics companies that develop technical specifications for mobile applications, of which Renesas Electronics is a member. The original concept behind the I3C ... » read more

High Performance And Scalable Sensor Connectivity With MIPI I3C

The MIPI Alliance is working on a new standard called I3C (or SenseWire) that incorporates and unifies key attributes of I2C and Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI). MIPI I3C enhances the capabilities and performance of each approach with a comprehensive, low pin count and scalable interface as well as architecture. It supports sensor interface architectures that mobile, mobile-influenced, and em... » read more