ARM: Bulk ports directly to FD-SOI

In a recent ASN posting, ARM Fellow Jean-Luc Pelloie said that bulk logic designs can be ported directly to fully-depleted (FD)-SOI for high-performing, low-power mobile apps. ARM sees fully-depleted FD-SOI is a potential alternative to BULK 20nm.  Jean-Luc addressed the question of  what sort of impact a port from bulk FD-SOI would  have on the design flow. His answer is: very little. ... » read more

SOI Conference Shows SOI Driving Key Roadmaps

By Adele Hars The 2011 IEEE SOI Conference, held in Tempe, AZ last week was not one to miss…but I did. Happily, I got the papers right away, along with observations shared by some of the folks who did get there. Highlights include excellent and insightful papers from ST, ARM, IBM, Intel, Leti, Peregrine and GlobalFoundries, plus many more that indicate SOI-based technologies are at th... » read more