Memory-Computation Decoupling Execution To Achieve Ideal All-Bank PIM Performance

A new technical paper titled "Achieving the Performance of All-Bank In-DRAM PIM With Standard Memory Interface: Memory-Computation Decoupling" was published by researchers at Korea University. "This paper proposed the memory-computation decoupled PIM architecture to provide the performance comparable to the all-bank PIM while preserving the standard DRAM interface, i.e., DRAM commands, powe... » read more

New Power, Performance Options At The Edge

Increasing compute intelligence at the edge is forcing chip architects to rethink how computing gets partitioned and prioritized, and what kinds of processing elements and memory configurations work best for a particular application. Sending raw data to the cloud for processing is both time- and resource-intensive, and it's often unnecessary because most of the data collected by a growing nu... » read more

Solving The Memory Bottleneck

Chipmakers are scrambling to solve the bottleneck between processor and memory, and they are turning out new designs based on different architectures at a rate no one would have anticipated even several months ago. At issue is how to boost performance in systems, particularly those at the edge, where huge amounts of data need to be processed locally or regionally. The traditional approach ha... » read more