IoT Security: Confusing And Fragmented

Security regulations for Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices are evolving around the world, but there is no consistent set of requirements that can be applied globally — and there may never be. What exists today is a patchwork of certification labs and logos. That makes it difficult for IoT-device designers to know where to get their security blessed. Unlike in data centers, where there is a ... » read more

Taking Stock Of IoT Standards

Trying to make sense of [getkc id="76" comment="Internet of Things"] standards today is like opening a can of worms. Definitions are still shaking out, consortia are popping up quickly, and everyone is in a mad scramble to capture their piece of the much lauded potential of an intimately connected world of devices. With so many points to consider, security is a good place to start. It is ... » read more