Enabling Cheaper Design

While the EDA industry tends to focus on cutting edge designs, where design costs are a minor portion of the total cost of product, the electronics industry has a very long tail. The further along the tail you go, the more significant design costs become as a percent of total cost. Many of those designs are traditionally built using standard parts, such as microcontrollers, but as additional... » read more

Making IP Secure

[getkc id="43" comment="IP"] security is coming under increasing scrutiny as concerns about system and hardware security escalate. For IP, this is particularly critical because commercially available IP touches many players in the semiconductor and software ecosystem. IP users want to ensure they are using the IP as the provider intended and that they are protected against malicious code. IP... » read more

When Is Verification Done?

Verification is becoming much more difficult at 16nm/14nm, driven by the sheer complexity of SoCs, the fact that there is much more to verify, and the impact of physical effects, which now affect what used to be exclusively the realm of functional verification. The questions these changes raise are daunting, and for many engineers rather unnerving. The whole validation, verification and debu... » read more