How Do Robots Navigate?

Have you ever been amazed by the graceful movement of robots and self-driving vehicles in unfamiliar surroundings? The latest technological advancements have introduced self-cleaning robots, autonomous vehicles with incredible navigation abilities. This entails navigating through unfamiliar surroundings, capturing clear video footage, and performing processing at the edge. What's truly remarkab... » read more

AI Feeds Vision Processor, Image Sensor Boom

Vision systems are rapidly becoming ubiquitous, driven by big improvements in image sensors as well as new types of sensors. While the sensor itself often is developed using mature-node silicon, increasingly it is connected to vision processors developed at the most advanced process nodes. That allows for the highest performance per watt, and it also allows designs to incorporate AI accelera... » read more

Programming Devices At In-Circuit Test

Manufacturers have a great deal of flexibility when deciding where and how to program their devices. Components can be programmed at many stages during the procurement and manufacturing process. This Teradyne white paper explains why in-circuit test is the ideal stage in the production line to program firmware into components or data into flash memory. Download this white paper to learn h... » read more