New Standards Push Co-Packaged Optics

Co-packaged optics (CPOs) promise five times the bandwidth of pluggable connections, but the new architecture requires multiple changes to accommodate different applications. The Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) recently published standards for co-packaged optics, which are the photonic industry’s hope for handling today’s faster Ethernet interfaces, as well as increasing speeds and p... » read more

Transitioning To Photonics

Silicon photonics is undergoing a resurgence as traditional approaches for reducing power and heat become more difficult and expensive, opening the door to a whole new set of technological challenges and driving up demand for a skill set that is in short supply today. From a technology standpoint, photonics is extremely complex. Signals drift, they are modulated with heat, and structures lik... » read more

Challenges In Photonics Testing

Photonics is poised for significant growth due a rapid increase in data volumes and the need to move that data quickly and with minimal heat. But to reach its full potential photonics will have to overcome several production hurdles. The biggest challenge today involves alignment. While the industry is poised to produce billions of units, it still relies on testing practices that don't scale. ... » read more