The Week in Review: IoT

Finance CyberX raised $18 million in Series B funding, bringing its total funding to $30 million. Norwest Venture Partners led the new round and was joined by ff Venture Capital, Flint Capital, Glilot Capital Partners, and OurCrowd. CyberX makes its headquarters in Framingham, Mass., with operations in Israel. The startup offers security protection for Industrial Internet of Things application... » read more

The Route To 5G

The mobile phone has seen explosive growth over the last two decades to become an essential part of our everyday lives. Right from the outset, ARM has been at the heart of these devices enabling ever more sophisticated capabilities whilst maintaining a focus on maximizing battery life through industry leading power efficiency. The complexity of smartphones is not often fully appreciated, with ... » read more

Making Phones Better

Beneath a smartphone's slick packaging is some interesting, highly sophisticated technology that makes the user experience what it is today. Much of that experience relies on satisfying our ever growing desire for more data capacity for video, social media and the like. Providing that capacity relies on robust filtering to receive just your data stream amongst many nearby other streams. But tha... » read more

Designing An Efficient Multi-Core LTE-A Modem

LTE-Advanced represents the next generation mobile broadband, and in turn throws the challenge to the designers to create highly power efficient mobile devices capable of delivering these services. ARM, the leading supplier of embedded processors, physical IP and inter-connect fabric, along with CEVA propose a joint analysis looking at the design considerations that are required to realize the ... » read more

Different Tradeoffs

By Ed Sperling The push to “smaller, faster and cheaper” hasn’t changed since ICs were first introduced, but the context for those requirements is beginning to shift—with enormous consequences. What was once done on multiple chips continue to migrate to a single chip or package because of cost, but in some cases the decisions about goes where go well beyond an individual device to i... » read more