New Insights Into IC Process Defectivity

Finding critical defects in manufacturing is becoming more difficult due to tighter design margins, new processes, and shorter process windows. Process marginality and parametric outliers used to be problematic at each new node, but now they are persistent problems at several nodes and in advanced packaging, where there may be a mix of different technologies. In addition, there are more proc... » read more

Blog Review: Feb. 15

Siemens EDA's Harry Foster examines the relationship between verification maturity and non-trivial bug escapes into production, as well as whether safety critical development processes yield higher quality in terms of preventing bugs and achieving silicon success. Synopsys' Shankar Krishnamoorthy finds that the rapid progress of machine learning models is driving demand for more domain-speci... » read more

Insights From Industry Strategy Symposium Europe 2022

The timely return to an in-person Industry Strategy Symposium (ISS) Europe was welcomed by participants from around the globe on May 30th at the Brussels Sheraton. ISS Europe 2022 featured a new program and event format – with industry insights and strategic topics condensed into one day of programming on three critical challenges facing the microelectronics industry: the energy crisis and su... » read more