IoT Meets ML

AI and machine learning are the next big things, and they're going make a huge difference in the adoption and capabilities of the IoT. Unlike previous technology approaches, AI, machine learning and deep learning are based on patterns. In effect, they raise up the level of abstraction for data. An image of a cat can be megabytes of data, and a cat taken from all angles may be gigabytes of da... » read more

M2M Vs. IoE

For some time now, there has been discussion that the IoE is really nothing more than the M2M infrastructure with a new coat of paint. Are M2M and the [getkc id="260" comment="Internet of Everything"] really just different generations of the same family, or are they completely different? This is more than just a philosophical question. The answer affects everything from technology investmen... » read more

Energy Harvesting Update

Manos Tentzeris, professor of electrical and computer engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology, sat down with Semiconductor Engineering to discuss energy harvesting. What follows are excerpts of that conversation. SE: What is the state of energy harvesting and are we making progress. Tentzeris: The latest results are systems with efficiency up to 40% to 45% utilizing ambient UH... » read more

Where The IoT Money Will Be

As we get closer and closer to figuring out what the Internet of Things—or increasingly, the Internet of Everything (IoE)—will and won’t be, one of the themes that shows up regularly is exactly how to monetize it. “A large portion of marketing dollars are wasted when the wrong offers are made to the wrong people at the wrong place and time,” notes Jon Gettinger Sr. vice president o... » read more