The Week In Review: Design

Memory Nantero licensed its technology for non-volatile RAM using carbon nanotubes (NRAM) to Fujitsu Semiconductor and Mie Fujitsu Semiconductor, which plan to conduct joint development towards releasing a product based on 55-nm process technology. Fujitsu Semiconductor plans to develop an NRAM-embedded custom LSI product by the end of 2018. IP Flex Logix completed design of a family o... » read more

The Week In Review: Design/IoT

M&A Avago appears to be on the prowl for a new acquisition. According to a Reuters report, it has made inquiries at Xilinx, Renesas and Maxim and has more than $10B to spend. Avago made a bid for Freescale earlier this year, but NXP ended up buying Freescale for $11.8B. IP Sonics unveiled the ICE-Grain Power Architecture, a power management sub-system for mainstream SoC designs that c... » read more

Energy Harvesting Makes Progress

The dream of a self-powered device has been around for a long time—thousands of years, in fact. The first windmills and waterwheels date back to ancient Greece and the beginning of recorded history. Self-winding timepieces date back to the late 1700s. The Foucault pendulum has been in motion in Paris, minus some brief hiatuses, since 1851. And it's been 144 years since two French physicists d... » read more