Memory Disaggregation Research And Making It Practical With Hardware Trends (U. of Michigan)

A new technical paper titled "Memory Disaggregation: Advances and Open Challenges" was published by researchers at University of Michigan. Abstract "Compute and memory are tightly coupled within each server in traditional datacenters. Large-scale datacenter operators have identified this coupling as a root cause behind fleet-wide resource underutilization and increasing Total Cost of Owners... » read more

CXL-Based Memory Pooling System Meets Cloud Performance Goals And Significantly Reduces DRAM Cost

A technical paper titled "Pond: CXL-Based Memory Pooling Systems for Cloud Platforms" was published by researchers at Virginia Tech, Intel, Microsoft Azure, Google, and Stone Co. Abstract "Public cloud providers seek to meet stringent performance requirements and low hardware cost. A key driver of performance and cost is main memory. Memory pooling promises to improve DRAM utilization and t... » read more