How To Improve Software? Start With The Hardware

By Travis Walton and Udi Maor Physicist Art Rosenfeld was working late at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab one night in 1973 when he noticed it. Despite an ongoing energy crisis, his colleagues routinely left their lights on after they left. Waste was one of the largest consumers of power in the state, he soon discovered: pilot lights consumed 10% of gas in homes. Switching from physics to ... » read more

Armv8.5-A Memory Tagging Extension

The Internet worm of 1988 took offline one tenth of the fledgling network, and severely slowed down the remainder [1]. Over 30 years later, two of the most important classes of security vulnerability in code written in C-like languages are still violations of memory safety. According to a 2019 BlueHat presentation, 70% of all security issues addressed in Microsoft products are caused by violati... » read more