Executive Insight: Simon Segars

SE: What concerns you most? Segars: In the context of design and where chip design is going, ARM is a long-term business. We’re doing stuff now that is going to ship in five years’ time. Obviously, for everyone in this space, Moore’s Law has been a fantastic thing. It’s enabled us to achieve really fantastic scaling of transistors, and everyone knows that is getting harder and harder... » read more

Real Countries Have Fabs

Persistent rumblings about the sale of IBM’s semiconductor unit might have seemed absurd a couple decades ago—before IBM sold off its PC unit to Lenovo and lost the gaming chip business to AMD’s x86 chips—but no one is scoffing at the possibility these days. The reality is that IBM will never reach the volume necessary to be the No. 1 or No. 2 player in its segment. It’s not even i... » read more

Rethinking The Data Center

Ever since the introduction of the PC, the biggest challenge in computing has been more about getting software to take advantage of multiple processors or cores than getting the chips to run faster. Ironically, this issue was solved decades ago inside of data centers. Enterprise applications, built on databases, have always been relatively easy to parse so that individual pieces can be run sepa... » read more