Blog Review: Dec. 20

Synopsys' Twan Korthorst explains how PDKs can help accelerate the photonic IC design process by offering building blocks such as several types of waveguides, passive devices like splitters, combiners, and filters, along with active devices such as phase shifters, detectors, semiconductor optical amplifiers, and lasers. Siemens EDA's Harry Foster examines IC and ASIC design trends, including... » read more

Week In Review: Design, Low Power

Gyrfalcon Technology released a 22nm AI accelerator ASIC chip with embedded MRAM. The Lightspeeur 2802M includes 40MB of memory to support large or multiple AI models, such as image classification and voice identification, within a single chip. Manufactured by TSMC, target applications include IoT endpoints, cloud solutions, and autonomous vehicles. Arm expanded its line of automotive-focuse... » read more

Blog Review: May 2

Arm's Greg Yeric looks towards the future of 3D ICs with a dive into transistor-level 3D, including the different proposed methods of stacking transistors, power/performance benefits, and challenges such as parasitic resistance. Mentor's Kurt Takara, Chris Kwok, Dominic Lucido, and Joe Hupcey III explain how a custom synchronizer methodology can help avoid CDC mistakes and errors in FPGA des... » read more