Case Study — Deep Learning For Corner Fill Inspection And Metrology On Integrated Circuits

CyberOptics utilized deep learning to accurately inspect the corner fill on integrated circuits (ICs) produced by a large memory supplier. Traditional methods of inspection showed limitations in their ability to entirely detect the presence and absence of fill, indicating that a more advanced approach was necessary. CyberOptics drew on its large pool of algorithm and neural network expertise to... » read more

Addressing High Precision Automated Optical Inspection Challenges With 3D Technology

Driven by the continued decrease in the size of electronics packaging, combined with the increase in density, there is a critical need for highly accurate 3D inspection for defect detection. Using multi-view 3D sensors and parallel projection, it is possible to capture more of the board at a faster rate as compared to serial image acquisition which is more time consuming. Precise 3D image re... » read more