Always-On Energy Challenges

The roar over the Internet of Things these days is almost deafening. Inside of China, everything being made for the domestic market is smart-ready. And companies ranging from watchmakers to appliances to automotive manufacturers are building connectivity into everything. The problem is that in order for it to work as planned—to communicate with other devices and send alerts to consumers or... » read more

Dark Data

Last month the National Resources Defense Council updated its study on data centers. The numbers themselves are rather mind boggling, and the NRDC has done an exceptional job over the years in ferreting out the biggest, baddest culprits of wasted energy. Witness the 2011 report on set-top boxes, which is finally beginning to yield changes in set-top box designs. The data center report is eq... » read more

Putting Energy In Perspective

The resurgent interest in 2.5D stacked die, the introduction of ultra-low-power memory and the relentless focus on low power for the Internet of Things are rather predictable progressions to engineers working in the semiconductor industry. What’s less obvious is how these changes are filtering out into the rest of the market and where it needs to go next. While many people have been talkin... » read more