Edge Complexity To Grow For 5G

Edge computing is becoming as critical to the success of 5G as millimeter-wave technology will be to the success of the edge. In fact, it increasingly looks as if neither will succeed without the other. 5G networks won’t be able to meet 3GPP’s 4-millisecond-latency rule without some layer to deliver the data, run the applications and broker the complexities of multi-tier Internet apps ac... » read more

Speeding 5G Network Infrastructure Design

As the world becomes more connected and digital, the need for more data and higher speed is evident. The increase in global internet traffic, along with decentralization of cloud and data centers, has driven wired and wireless networks to support 5G network infrastructures. 5G technology promises to enable 1,000 times more traffic, 10 times faster speed and a 10 times increase in throughput. Th... » read more